The Myrtle Beach Area Hospitality Association

What is the MBAHA?

Answer: MBAHA has been in the hospitality and tourism business for 39 years and is consistently one of the largest local Hospitality Associations in the United States, representing the “best of the beach”. We are a trade organization representing the interest of Lodging, Restaurants, Golf, Entertainment, Attractions and Hospitality Services members.

Who belongs to the MBAHA?

Answer: The association has a membership of over 800 businesses. A majority of the members are hospitality-related companies.

What is the Hospitality Partnership?

Answer: Through this joining of forces, certain hospitality-oriented categories of membership in the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce automatically includes membership in the Myrtle Beach Area Hospitality Association and South Carolina Hospitality Association. And, if you’re a restaurant, nightclub or hotel, you automatically gain membership into either the National Restaurant Association or the American Hotel & Lodging Association.

Why join the MBAHA?

Answer: Through the Association, businesses with similar concerns can unite and get things done. Those things that would have seemed impossible to the few are becoming reality with the voices of many.

  • Clout. Firms identifying with the Association increase in prestige and clout by the Association.
  • Contacts with prospects and customers are a natural benefit of membership. The Association is a business organization representing the hospitality

Myrtle Beach Area Hospitality Association Mission Statement

Hello The Myrtle Beach Area Hospitality Association is the voice of the Hospitality Industry and a tourism advocate, whose role is to promote the industry’s needs, ensure a healthy tourism economy, and educate our membership and the public about industry issues.

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